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Protestmars tegen het Israëlische geweld tegen de Palestijnen

Op zaterdag 23 april vindt in Den Haag een demonstratie plaats tegen het aanhoudende Israëlische geweld tegen de Palestijnen. Ook in Maastricht wordt actie gevoerd. Lees de Engelstalige oproep van de organisatoren.

Demonstratie van solidariteit met de Palestijnen in Amsterdam, mei 2021. © RTL Nieuws

JOIN US in protest against Israel’s violent attacks on Palestinian worshippers at Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem. Take a stand against Israel’s renewed bombing and ongoing siege on Gaza. Take a stand against the ongoing Nakba, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid. Take a stand against the ongoing construction of settlements in the West Bank.

Right now, we must SPEAK OUT and stand in SOLIDARITY with Palestine. News coverage still labels the violence of the Israeli occupation forces against occupied and unarmed Palestinians as ‘clashes’ where ‘both sides are to blame.’ Yet one side has guns, tear gas, and riot gear. If our news media refuses to report the reality, it is up to us to amplify Palestinians’ stories here in the West.

It is our duty to raise our voices and stand in solidarity with those existing and resisting in Palestine – from the river to the sea.


Time & Location
14:00 Lange Vijverberg
14:30 March
15:15 Koekamplaan

Organised by

Or join us in Maastricht
Living in the south of the Netherlands? @freepalestinemaastricht organises a protest on Saturday 23 April at 14:00. Follow them for further information!

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